The Art Crowd Coventry is an initiative conceived by the arts organisations based with Coventry Artspace at Eaton House. The aim of the project is to support local art organisations and ethical local food and drink outlets and manufactures.
How it Works: Each food and drink partner identifies a product on their menu as an Art Crowd item. For each sale of this product they make a small donation to The Art Crowd Fund, which is then distributed to the Art organisations at the end of the year. The Art Crowd organisations support the partner businesses by encouraging their culturally minded to frequent these great local places, and of course to buy theArt Crowd products!
Founded in 1991 Coventry Artspace is a charity supporting the visual arts and artists in Coventry
Founded in 1992 Talking Birds is a nationally renown company, pioneering accessibility in the arts and theatre of place
Founded in 2016 The Photo Archive Miners work with the public to tell stories with photographs
Founded in 2017 Coventry Biennial is a young, social and political platform for contemporary art in Coventry, the UK and Internationally
Twisted Barrel Brewery and Tap House were selected to be part of The Art Crowd because they are Coventry born and brewed and because all their beers are completely vegan (making every beer an environmentally friendly option), and of course because they already provide a great opportunity for local artists with their Artspace Range beer can labels! On the Menu The Art Crowd Beer Wicked Cookies were selected to be part of The Art Crowd because they are a young family enterprise baked in Coventry and with an ethical approach. They use 100% fresh, natural ingredients, including locally sourced eggs and flour and fairtrade chocolate. They also offer delicious vegan and dairy free options - as they say, “Whilst our cookies might be wicked, our ingredients aren’t!” On the Menu The Art Crowd Cookie Bean and Leaf Coffee House were selected to be part of the Art Crowd because they are another young family enterprise in central Coventry offering a selection of fair trade teas and coffees as well as delicious cakes and treats, including vegan, dairy and gluten free options. Sam and Alisa are also very keen to work as much as possible with other local businesses and so contribute where they can to the economic success of our beloved city. On the Menu The Art Crowd Coffee (Batch Brew)
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